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About A.D.K.

Al Dente Kitchen born to share with you the secrets of cooking Italian Traditional way. There are two kinds of food preparations: the professional preparation and the traditional preparation. Food professional preparation is carried out by Chefs at restaurants and hotels, while traditional preparation is done by Housewives at home. I noted that today all media emphasize only food professional preparations, which often are hard to carry out at home due to the difficulty to find ingredients and professional tools. My Grand Mother and my Mother mastered Italian traditional food preparation and they taught me their cooking secrets; today I consider a mission share with you everything I know of the Italian Traditional Cooking Preparations. As I do at my home teaching Italian traditional recipes to my kids, I will take you by hand in to the world of the Italian traditional food, it’s my desire make you a better cook able to give your family and your friends happiness during your meal time, and the first thing I want to tell you is this: cooking is an act of love, so turn on your heart while cooking; the food will taste better and your guests will feel better; in this way you’ll made this wonderful planet a better place to live. Unfortunately vegetables and animals are our food, always show respect to them: do not waste food and use only the quantities you need. Sincerely, Maurizio Russo.